Pruning Ornamental Plants
Remedial pruning; containment pruning, and removal of dead branches

Pruning is one of the most complex of garden-plant maintenance services, requiring great technique coupled with extensive field experience since the health and beauty of ornamental plants mostly depend on this practice.

Over the years, we also specialized in the topiary art, which allows us to trim trees and shrubs into various geometric shapes for ornamental purposes. It has countless applications in gardens and parks. It can breathe life into formal hedges, and can be
used with very impressive results in both classic and modern gardens.

Professional Pruning

Shape or maintenance pruning is always stressful for plants: this is why we suggest you not to turn to improvised gardeners to trim your plants at home.

Too drastic trimmings or the use of inappropriate tools might cause injuries and the outburst of diseases in the plant irreparably damaging the specimen; at worst, unskilled pruning might alter entire eco-system of the garden, undermining the
coexistence between con:guous plant species.

To preserve the beauty and health of you garden, especially when it comes to pruning trees or older plants, we highly recommend you to turn to expert professional gardeners only.

Our professional gardeners know exactly where and how to trim, balancing the growth of your plants; adjus:ng their shape and propotions; improving the circulation of sap, air, and light; invigorating the flowering and/or fruit development;
eliminating dead or sick branches from trees, flowering plants, hedges, climbers, and ornamental shrubs.

Different types of pruning for targeted results

Each plant has very specific needs and may periodically require different pruning techniques such as thinning the branches of the crown (leaf removal), trimming to improve growth and appearance, and removing suckers at the base of the tree. The last techniques generally stimulates flower or fruit production.

Not For Every Plant

Some plants do not need regular pruning (conifers, oak, cherry and such), while others need to be regularly trimmed and pruned by professional gardeners. It is the case with many ornamental and fruit trees, grapevines, roses, and other types of shrubs and flowers.

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