Company Gardens
Green indoors and out for your business

With Giardini MATI 1909 you can rethink the design of your company garden and innovate your green works for hospitality and business facilities.

Thanks to our international experience in premium garden design, our team of designers, agronomists and gardeners will help you create a stunning, relaxing green corner to decorate executive offices and/or representative spaces inside or outside your facility.

Garden Design for Business and Executive Office Spaces

It is particularly important to entrust your business’s ornamental greenery to experts with an extensive porwolio of green-area designs and references from companies in Italy and Europe, to trust the quality of the proposed solutions, and to avoid any unwelcome surprises due to haste.

Green ad a Business Card

A well-designed garden improves the well-being of the individual, valorizes reception areas and facili:es, and appropriately responds to several functional demands.


Moreover, it reflects the care with which your company invests in communication and represents an efficient business card for people visiting your offices.

For a Garden, Always at Its Best

Giardini MATI 1909 guides companies, factories, restaurants, hotels, and shops in the choice of the most suitable plants to set up their unique green spaces, and provides them with scheduled and/or extraordinary maintenance services.

Green Backdrops and Temporary Installations

In addi:on to green design and maintenance, you can also request backdrop design and temporary green installation services for your events, fairs, conferences, exhibitions and celebrations.

Realizza il giardino dei tuoi  sogni con noi!

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I vantaggi dei nostri clienti

Per un giardino sempre impeccabile fatto per durare nel tmepo

We can create a large garden even in a small space, whether it is a terrace or the family’s kitchen garden, a relaxing home garden, or an indoor green space for a company or a hospitality facility.



An environmental assessment for your first garden on how much oxygen is produced and CO₂ and pollutant absorbed by the plants in your garden, helping the environment and people.



Scheduled or on-request service for highly specialized operations, with maintenance handled by our staff of expert gardeners and agronomists.



Our nursery has produced ornamental plants for 110 years, offering our clients a great advantage that translates into high quality plants and reasonable selling prices.

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