The most appropriate solutions for your green space

Starting from an idea or concept, we provide on-site surveys, environmental assessment and consul:ng activities for private citizens and professionals.

Consulting for private individuals

Giardini MATI 1909’s performs on-site surveys to provide our clients with a first geomorphological and landscape assessment, discuss their needs and expectations and sketch out a preparatory plan for their green works, gardens and terrace design.

The most appropriate solutions for your green space

Our consultants will provide you with the most suitable options for organizing the natural seongs of your green space, crea:ng new surroundings and laying out garden paths.

They will also recommend you the plant species that are most suitable for the bioclimate, type of terrain and light exposure of the area, and will identify the best solutions to meet any possible challenge.

Do you want to meet Mati 1909 experts and find out what we can do for your garden?


Consulting for Landscape Designers and Architects

Thanks to our outstanding results in garden design and to our unbeatable quality performance ratio, GIARDINI MATI 1909 is a point of reference for many landscape designers and architects looking for an expert advice to support their work.

At MATI 1909 you will find a team of professionals and technicians whose tried-andtrusted experience in green work development will help you to engineer your projects and find the best solution for a stunning garden design.

How We Support Designers:

Our Experience, Your Expertise

Do you want to meet MATI 1909 experts and find out what we can do for your garden?

Our Philosophy

Creating a garden is a great responsibility towards our client and their wishes. Over the years, we have learned that listening is the most important part of the project.


Listening means understanding the real needs of our clients, interpreting the characteristics their garden needs to possess in order to fulfill their expectations as far as relaxation, well-being, health, joy and life are concerned.


A good relationship always results in mutual trust. This is why our approach is always based on transparency and intellectual honesty.

Thus, a real professional must be able to say no to agronomic and technically unviable requests; recommending the best solutions for your garden and optimizing costs.