Mati 4 life

A garden designed for the health of people and the environment

MATI 4 LIFE garden combines the hallmarks of quality and beauty typical of all MATI 1909 creations with an ability to maximize the benefits to the environment and to the health of those who enjoy it.


Planting a tree and creating a green work are the best choice we can make for ourselves and future generations:

Since its very beginning, MATI 1909 has always been promoting green culture and the respect of natural environment.

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Oxygen released*
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CO₂ captured*
Pollutants absorbed*
Particulate removed*

*The environmental performance in our nurseries calculated by the Pistoiese firm CeSAF: oxygen released = quantification of oxygen produced in a year by bedded plants | CO₂ sequestered = quantification of the annual reduction of carbon dioxide values in the air through bedded plants| Cost of CO₂ sequestered = the economic value corresponding to the CO₂ sequestered in a year in our green spaces | Atmospheric pollutants = quantification of atmospheric pollutants abated in one year as a result of the plants in our green spaces | Particulate matter removed = quantification of fine particles (PM10) removed in one year because of the plants in our green spaces.


The importance of plants for public health

A study by the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health in Boston showed that long-term exposure to particulate matter leads to almost a 20-fold increase in the COVID-19 death rate. Thus, there is an immediate connection between trees and the epidemic that has disrupted the whole world. Indeed, everyone is now aware that plants can absorb and metabolize the small PM10 particles and the like.


The emergency we are undergoing offers further proof of the importance of plants, not just for the physical health of all living creatures. Plants seem to increasingly be a panacea for many of our ills and a true guarantee of survival.


After all, everyone can see what is happening to our planet. A recent study found that the current CO2 values in the atmosphere equaled 406 parts per million, a 45% increase over its concentration at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

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Environmental assessments of gardens
Plants are the simplest and most effective response to limiting the effects of climate change. Each garden contributes to the improvement of environmental sustainability and living conditions for future generations.
Sustainable first

Over the years we have committed ourselves to best practices and techniques based on the sustainable growth of our plants, thus enacting a positive change in the Pistoia area’s quality of life (learn more about our intiatives in the nursery Environmental Report).


Growing plants means nurturing the future. Creating a MATI 4 Life garden means respecting the health of the planet and its inhabitants.


Request a certificate of the environmental benefits of your garden. Each and every garden by MATI 1909 can be supplied with an environmental assessment reporting the quantity of oxygen it produces, and the amount of carbon dioxide and pollutants it absorbs.

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Our Philosophy

Creating a garden is a great responsibility towards our client and their wishes. Over the years, we have learned that listening is the most important part of the project.


Listening means understanding the real needs of our clients, interpreting the characteristics their garden needs to possess in order to fulfill their expectations as far as relaxation, well-being, health, joy and life are concerned.


A good relationship always results in mutual trust. This is why our approach is always based on transparency and intellectual honesty.

Thus, a real professional must be able to say no to agronomic and technically unviable requests; recommending the best solutions for your garden and optimizing costs.

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