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What are cookies?

A “cookie” is a small text file generated by some websites on the user’s computer when he/she accesses a specific website, with the purpose of storing and transferring information. The cookies are sent by a web server (which is the computer on which the website visited is being run) to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and saved on his/her computer; they are therefore sent back to the website at next visits. Usually they are saved directly on the browser used for browsing.

The same website that transferred them can subsequently read and save the cookies to obtain information of different types or technical type, information on the operation and browsing of the website (to remember actions, preferences, and displaying settings so that they should not be entered again for new sessions), for aggregated statics, and could also use first party or third party commercial type profiling cookies. From his/her browser the user can set his/her privacy preferences at anytime choosing not to save the cookies, delete them after every visit, or when the browser will be closed, or accept exclusively the cookies from this website and not the third party ones.

How to disable and manage cookies in the main browsers:

Each user can disable the cookies through the software used to access Internet (so called “browser”). Therefore, you should check your browser configuration with reference to the cookies, and set them according to your preferences, keeping into account that to be able to use some services it could be necessary to enable your browser to accept cookies (in this case you will be duly informed).

For the personal data processing that, prior your consent, third party companies not known to Giardineria Italiana Soc. Coop. Soc. could carry out through the cookies, you can customise your choices also through the service available at the following link:


Types of cookies

Activities strictly necessary for the operation

Temporary or session cookies

There are some cookies that are necessary for the website operation, since they are aimed at transferring communications through an electronic communication network, that is, to provide a service expressly requested by the user. In addition, this website uses cookies to provide the service of saving the user’s session and to carry out other activities strictly necessary to its operation, for example the one related to the distribution of traffic. The use of the so called session cookies (that are not stored permanently on the user’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (constituted by casual numbers generated by the server) necessary to allow safe and efficient browsing of the website.


Persistent cookies
They are text files generated by the websites visited and are stored on the user’s computer even after exiting the website. The persistent cookies used have different functions: they allow saving some information (such as passwords) or customising the pages browsed by the user.



Saving activities for browsing, optimising, and statistics preferences

This website uses the cookies to save the browsing preferences and optimise your browsing experience. These cookies include, for example, those for the setting of the language and currency, or for the management of statistics also by the owner of the website.

Other types of cookies or instruments of third parties that could install them

Some of the services included in the following list collect aggregated statistics and may not ask for the user’s consent or may be managed directly by the owner – according to what described – without the use of third parties.

Which third party cookies are used?


Aggregated statistics – Google Analytics (Google)

This website uses IP ANONYMISATION in Google Analytics: the analytical cookies are considered technical if used only for optimisation purposes and if the users’ IPs are anonymous. We inform the user that this website uses Google Analytics free service. We would like to point out that data is used only to have the details of the most visited pages, number of visitors, aggregated data of the visits by operating system, browser, etc. The use of cookies (temporary and persistent) allows collecting and storing, anonymously, information about the pages consulted on the website, but it does not allow identifying the visitor, and the data is not combined with other information. It is used, to draw up statistics according to the information collected anonymously and through the use of aggregated data. These parameters are stored in Google servers that control its Privacy in compliance with these guidelines. Google may use your personal data to contextualise and customise the ads of its advertising network. If you do not wish to install said cookies, we invite you to opt-out directly from Google website through the links indicated above.


Address management and Newsletter sending
(MailChimp – The Rocket Science Group, LLC d/b/a MailChimp)

A newsletter subscription link is present on the pages of the website.
For the providing and management of the Newsletter GRUPPO MATI srl uses Mailchimp (The Rocket Science Group, LLC, 512 Means St., Suite 404 – 30318 – Atlanta, Georgia) that is an address management, and newsletter and email sending service. It allows managing a database of email and telephone contacts, used to communicate with the user for updates relative to products, services, offers, or initiatives published on this website. It also allows collecting data relative to the date and time the messages have been viewed by the user, as well as the user interaction with it, for example information about the clicks on the connections contained in the messages. The user’s email address is then stored on MailChimp’s safe servers and in the backups of the distribution list of this website, whose Data Controller will not disclose it for any reason to anyone. The processing of the collected data is managed by the website through computer and telematic instruments with logics strictly related to the purposes listed following and, anyhow, in order to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of the same data. Your data shall never be used directly by MailChimp or sold by it to third parties. MailChimp’s operators are specifically authorised to the maintenance of the service, and exercising said function, they may need to access your data. In relation to the purposes described when the administrator sends the newsletter, data is recovered through the instruments provided by MailChimp and, through them, you will be sent the newsletter.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at anytime, using the contacts of the website or the link present at the end of each message.
Personal data collected: Email.
Place of the processing: USA – Privacy Policy


Comment to the contents

The comment services allow the users to write and publish their comments regarding the content of this website, of which they are responsible. According to the settings given by the controller, users can leave their comment also anonymously. If among the user’s personal data there is also his/her email address, it may be used to send notifications of other comments regarding the same content. In case a service of comments provided by third parties is installed, it may be possible that it collects the traffic data relative to the installation page, including the traffic referred to the users who have not used the comment service.


Facebook Comments (Facebook, Inc.)

Facebook Comments is a service managed by Facebook, Inc. that allows the user to leave his/her comments and share them within Facebook platform.
Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.
Place of the processing: USA – Privacy Policy


Contact/info or quote request form and use of data included in the contacts
Filling in contact form, the user, authorises their use to answer to the information and quote requests, or to any other request indicated in the heading of the form.
Personal data collected: name, surname, email, address, telephone number, and various types of data in accordance with the provisions of the service privacy policy.


Akismet anti-SPAM

Personal data: various types of data in accordance with the provisions of the service privacy policy


Notifications Subscription (Push Notification Service) managed by

The button of subscription to the notifications of the new posts on the website is managed by an external embedded service provided by
Personal data collected: Cookies, browsing, and usage data.
Place of the processing: USA – Privacy Policy


Interaction with social networks and external platforms

These services allow interacting with social networks or with other external platforms, directly from the pages of this website. The interactions and information acquired from this website are subject in any case to the user’s privacy settings provided by his/her profile in every social network.
In case an interaction service with social networks is installed, it is possible that it collects traffic data relative to the installation page, including the traffic referred to the users who have not used said service.


Facebook Like button and social widgets (Facebook)

Facebook “Like” button and social widgets are services allowing interacting with the social network Facebook, provided by Facebook Inc.
Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.
Place of the processing: USA – Privacy Policy
indications to manage or disable cookies:


Button +1 and Google+ social widgets (Google)

The button +1 and Google+ social widgets are services allowing interacting with the social network Google+, provided by Google Inc.
Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.
Place of the processing: USA – Privacy Policy
indications to manage or disable cookies:


Google Maps Widget (Google)

Google Maps is a geolocalisation service on interactive maps managed by Google Inc. that allows this website to recall the map with the position of our headquarters within its pages.
Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.
Place of the processing: USA – Privacy Policy


Google Fonts (Google)

Google Fonts is a font styles viewing service managed by Google Inc. that allows this website to integrate said styles within its pages.
Personal data collected: cookies and usage data.
Place of the processing: USA –Privacy Policy


The installation of Cookies and other tracking systems managed by third parties through the services used within this website cannot be technically managed by the data controller, therefore, every specific reference to Cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties is to be considered merely indicative. If you need complete information, read the privacy policy of any third party services listed in this document.

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