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Giardini Mati 1909

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We create beautiful gardens even in small spaces. Our century-old experience in garden construction and green works all over the world has committed us to the careful and efficient creation of all types of gardens.

To us, a MATI 1909 terrace or garden is a year-round welcoming and orderly green space, specifically designed to become an extension of the house, a relaxing and easy to maintain place that harmonizes living areas.

Mati Gardens 1909
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We work to make the plants stay healthy over the long term


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5 reasons to rely on MATI GARDENS 1909

5 generations of green experience with designers, agronomists, professional gardeners and specialised workers at your disposal


Custom-designed and made-to-measure garden, guaranteed quality for a garden that lasts over time


By producing oxygens , green improves the health of people and the environment


With a well-made garden the value of of your home increases by up to 10%.


The plants are produced directly in our nurseries and we provide a rooting guarantee

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GIARDINI MATI 1909 designs your little big garden, your terrace or vegetable garden:
the green corner for you relaxation. home. company or for your accomodation.

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Let’s talk about gardens, sustainable projects, news and initiatives on the environment,
gardening, green culture, and ideas for free-time outdoors.

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Our Philosophy

Creating a garden is a great responsibility towards our client and their wishes. Over the years, we have learned that listening is the most important part of the project.


Listening means understanding the real needs of our clients, interpreting the characteristics their garden needs to possess in order to fulfill their expectations as far as relaxation, well-being, health, joy and life are concerned.


A good relationship always results in mutual trust. This is why our approach is always based on transparency and intellectual honesty.

Thus, a real professional must be able to say no to agronomic and technically unviable requests; recommending the best solutions for your garden and optimizing costs.