Kitchen garden

Ornamental kitchen gardens

Throughout human history, kitchen gardens have often been intermingled with flower gardens in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and even in Ancient Rome.


The kitchen gardens created by MATI 1909 combine produce and beauty, combining roses, zinnias, marigolds, dahlias, anemones, an artichoke’s flowers, a comfrey’s leaves and flowers, radicchio, cabbages, and certain tomatoes in sundry colors. Picking vegetables and flowers in an attractive kitchen garden is a pleasant experience. Some flowering plants have repellent properties for certain diseases; others act as early warnings by getting sick before the vegetables. others attract bees and useful insects to the kitchen garden.


Kitchen gardens: an alluring mix

Thanks to the urban kitchen gardens, a kitchen garden has become an integral part of a home garden, combining the delightful colors and scents of chili peppers, aubergines, courgettes, and tomatoes plus the aromatic herbs, lawns, trees, and shrubs, the stars in a truly heavenly landscape.


Our kitchen gardens blend harmoniously into a garden or terrace design, playing supporting roles in a new style of outdoor living and a new model of sustainable agriculture.


Kitchen gardens: grown in the ground, permaculture, or in raised beds

Together, we can plan a kitchen garden suited to your needs and setting, a kitchen garden grown in the ground and also in permaculture, or in raised beds in a garden or on a terrace, maintained independently or using gardeners skilled in organic cultivation.

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The advantages for our clients

For an always perfect garden made to last a lifetime

We can create a large garden even in a small space, whether it is a terrace or the family’s kitchen garden, a relaxing home garden, or an indoor green space for a company or a hospitality facility.
An environmental assessment for your first garden on how much oxygen is produced and CO₂ and pollutant absorbed by the plants in your garden, helping the environment and people.
Scheduled or on-request service for highly specialized operations, with maintenance handled by our staff of expert gardeners and agronomists.
Our nursery has produced ornamental plants for 110 years, offering our clients a great advantage that translates into high quality plants and reasonable selling prices.