Sustainable Gardens
Dry and waterless gardens

Dry and waterless gardens are 100% sustainable and self-sufficient natural gardens designed to draw their sustenance directly from rainwater and the soil.

The Waterless-Garden Ecosystem

The soil type is very important in sustainable green design, but several Mediterranean plants represent a perfect option for waterless gardens, as they are able to recreate a self-sufficient eco-system in which rainwater is their main supply

Low-Maintenance Gardens

Low-maintenance gardens are ideal examples of sustainable green design, as they are specifically designed to reduce water use and best exploit resources while respecting our eco-system.


Neat and healthy solutions that respects nature in accordance to seasonal rhythms, low-maintenance gardens are becoming increasingly popular among people who care about environmental protection, or who do not have enough time to regularly prune, fertilize and water their green spaces.


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The advantages for our clients
For an always perfect garden made to last a lifetime

We can create a large garden even in a small space, whether it is a terrace or the family’s kitchen garden, a relaxing home garden, or an indoor green space for a company or a hospitality facility.



An environmental assessment for your first garden on how much oxygen is produced and CO₂ and pollutant absorbed by the plants in your garden, helping the environment and people.



Scheduled or on-request service for highly specialized operations, with maintenance handled by our staff of expert gardeners and agronomists.



Our nursery has produced ornamental plants for 110 years, offering our clients a great advantage that translates into high quality plants and reasonable selling prices.

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