Sustainable Gardens

Dry and waterless gardens

One example of a natural garden is the dry and waterless gardens, which are sustainable green spaces where carefully chosen and blended plants live without being watered regularly.


The waterless-garden ecosystem

Various native plants typical of the Mediterranean maquis are suitable for the bioclimate in which they are introduced. They lend themselves well to the construction of waterless gardens, as they create a self-sufficient ecosystem in which water is not wasted and rainwater is the main supply source. In this kind design, the soil type is also important as regards its composition and preparatory work.


Low-maintenance gardens

Gardens designed to be low maintenance are sustainable as they are created to reduce water waste and to best use resources while respecting our ecosystem.


These solutions are increasingly required by many people who care about environmental protection or who simply do not have enough time to devote to maintenance with its repeated pruning, fertilization, and watering. These people want a garden that is always neat and healthy without forcing natural and seasonal rhythms, especially the properties of the area in which it is located

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* Header photo and first gallery image: Garden Design by Anna Piussi

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The advantages for our clients

For an always perfect garden made to last a lifetime

We can create a large garden even in a small space, whether it is a terrace or the family’s kitchen garden, a relaxing home garden, or an indoor green space for a company or a hospitality facility.
An environmental assessment for your first garden on how much oxygen is produced and CO₂ and pollutant absorbed by the plants in your garden, helping the environment and people.
Scheduled or on-request service for highly specialized operations, with maintenance handled by our staff of expert gardeners and agronomists.
Our nursery has produced ornamental plants for 110 years, offering our clients a great advantage that translates into high quality plants and reasonable selling prices.