Landscape Maintenance
Scheduled and on-request

Our staff’s experience in green maintenance ranges from large and small lawn care jobs including aerating, reseeding, sand top-dressing, and receiving special fertilizers, to the recovery and restorative care of traumatized plants due to worksites, bad weather and such.


Many valuable plants have been rescued from knocking down thanks to our professional gardeners.

MATI 1909 puts its 110 years of experience at your service, maintaining your green
space in perfect condition through routine services or special maintenance,
either on request or as part of a scheduled routine maintenance annual package for any type of green space.

Scheduled Ordinary Maintenance

The routine maintenance of a garden includes annually scheduled periodical services that will keep your green space always in perfect shape.

On a weekly basis, our gardeners will provide you services such as:

  • mowing of lawns or the grass in small and large gardens
  • weeding
  • hoeing the soil to facilitate root aeration
  • removal of leaves or other garden-related materials from pavements, driveways, parking lots, and rest areas
  • disposal of waste materials

Ordinary maintenance can be integrated with other work, guaranteeing a more complete response to your needs. You can choose between regular or occasional complete ordinary maintenance.

An annual contract for regular complete ordinary maintenance includes:

  • all routine maintenance activities
  • pruning of herbaceous plants, bushes, and small shrubs (general or partial pruning, depending on the flowering period)
  • complete and periodic fertilization to ensure supplying the soil with the right nutrition
  • management of irrigation, spraying the green space with pesticides and fungicides in view of the vegetative stages and weather conditions
  • lawn aeration and regeneration.

An annual contract for occasional complete ordinary maintenance includes:

  • all the activities listed above, carried out on an occasional basis.
Special maintenance services (on request)

MATI 1909 also performs occasional such special maintenance services on request as:

  • lawn aeration: ensures that the lawn has sufficient oxygen by creating vertical holes in the soil. It also guarantees the lawn is rejuvenated as new growth is stimulated
  • pruning of large-sized trees
  • general drainage
  • total or partial lawn regeneration
  • laying an instant lawn
  • irrigation system maintenance
  • total or partial restoration of flower beds or areas with plants, herbaceous plants, or bulbs according to seasonal needs.

As with ordinary maintenance, our skilled gardeners also carry out all special maintenance.

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