Pruning ornamental plants

Remedial pruning; containment pruning, and removal of dead branches

Pruning is certainly one of the most complex of the various garden-plant maintenance services, requiring great technique coupled with extensive field experience. Moreover, the health and beauty of ornamental plants and the harmonious equilibrium of the green area depend on this practice.

MATI 1909 carries out specialized pruning for:

  • Herbaceous perennials
  • Roses, hydrangeas, and small shrubs
  • Tall trees
  • Hedges

For many years,  we’ve also specialized in topiary art, a type of pruning that gives trees and shrubs a geometric shape for ornamental purposes. It has countless applications in gardens and parks. It can breathe life into formal hedges, and can be used with very impressive results in both old and modern gardens.


Pruning by experts only

Shape or maintenance pruning is always stressful for plants. If carried out without the proper expertise (too drastically or using inappropriate tools, leading possibly to injuries and new diseases), an individual plant could be irreparably damaged, or worse, alter the garden’s entire ecosystem in terms of coexistence and the space between contiguous plant species.

For these reasons, it is best to rely on expert professional gardeners, especially when it comes to pruning trees or older plants. They know exactly which cuts to make, when and how to best measure them out to balance the plant’s growth; adjust their proportions; improve the circulation of sap, air, and light; invigorate the flowering (or fruit development), and new growth; eliminate dead or diseased branches or the unattractive parts of trees, flowering plants, hedges, climbers, and ornamental shrubs.


Different types of pruning for targeted results

Each plant has very specific needs and may periodically require different pruning techniques such as thinning the branches of the crown (leaf removal), trimming to improve growth and appearance, and removing suckers at the base of the tree. The last techniques generally serve to promote flower or fruit production.


Not needed by all plants

Some plants do not need regular pruning, while others (e.g., conifers, oak, and cherry) do not tolerate it well. By contrast, many ornamental and fruit trees, grapevines, roses, and other types of shrubs and flowers for our gardens periodically need to be pruned. Hedge pruning is a separate discussion.

Contact our technical staff regarding the professional pruning service of your plants:

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The advantages for our clients

For an always perfect garden made to last a lifetime

We can create a large garden even in a small space, whether it is a terrace or the family’s kitchen garden, a relaxing home garden, or an indoor green space for a company or a hospitality facility.
An environmental assessment for your first garden on how much oxygen is produced and CO₂ and pollutant absorbed by the plants in your garden, helping the environment and people.
Our nursery has produced ornamental plants for 110 years, offering our clients a great advantage that translates into high quality plants and reasonable selling prices.