Consulting for private individuals

On-site surveys

Giardini MATI 1909’s designers and technical staff can perform on-site surveys to review the client’s situation in situ and make an initial assessment of the geo-morphological and landscape situation, facilitating the collection of the necessary information as well as of the future client’s needs and expectations, in preparation for the design and construction phases of green works, gardens and terraces.


The most appropriate solutions for your green space

Our consultants will ensure that their proposals are the most suitable for organizing the natural settings and their enjoyment, creating new surroundings, and laying out garden paths.


They will suggest the most appropriate plant species for the bioclimate plus type of terrain and exposure, and identify the solutions best suited to resolving any challenges encountered during construction.


To each their own garden

A garden is a place outside of time, imagined in its own way by each client, a space whose components live harmoniously with each other, the result of knowledgeable human intercession.

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