Consulting for Landscape Designers and Architects

The importance of a superlative partner

Many landscape designers and architects a in addition to garden designers turn to MATI 1909 for advice to support their work, assured by the outstanding results at the right price to create gardens and green spaces for their clients.


MATI 1909’s professionals are expert technicians who speak the same language, can design projects, and work with project management to satisfactorily complete any landscaping job.


Our trained gardeners are specialists who know how to work fast owing to their years of work experience on large jobs. They are ready to help you solve any contingencies that may arise during the work. 


How we support designers: our experience combined with your expertise

From the botanical choice of plants specifically for gardens to orchestrating a green design, our group offers technical support to designers for:

  • Design synergy “Your firm together with Mati 1909”: adding value to your professional expertise on both private and public jobs
  • Selection in the nursery of those plants suitable for the project’s needs
  • Assistance from the preliminary to final phases of a project
  • Work-site management support
  • Joint preparation of maintenance plans


Our agronomic expertise, the extensive knowledge of plant species from over one 100 years of being in business, projects throughout Europe with famous names in landscaping, working with garden designers and professional gardeners have made MATI 1909 the best partner for carrying out any green or landscape architecture design. A strong partnership between those who design and those who execute the design assures a job of the highest standards, achieving the ultimate goal of satisfactorily meeting the client’s needs.

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